3 Dangers of Addiction with Mobile Gambling

Our phones can do everything now can’t they? They’re an amazing innovation that allow us to stream our favourite shows, check our bank, invest, work and even gamble. However, in the interest of responsible gambling and avoiding falling into gambling addiction, there are dangers to be wary of. In this post we’re going to share these 3 dangers with you so you are fully aware of them when you gamble. Please note that we love mobile gambling but feel it’s important to raise awareness too, particularly to basketball lovers.

Mobile Gambling


Too Easy to Deposit

The first danger of mobile gambling is the speed and convenience it is to deposit. With biometric fingerprints, saved card details and apple pay, it’s incredibly easy to deposit. This is both a blessing and a curse. It means you can deposit at the best online casino Malaysia in seconds and play your best games. However, it also means you can deposit and gamble at times when it may not be in your best interest. For instance, imagine gambling on your phone on a night out with friends. Alcohol and gambling are a bad mix so avoid the temptation to deposit and play when you’re in a social setting like that.

Your Phone is Always with You

Fighting temptation and addiction is largely about removing the thing from view. However, this is practically impossible with mobile gambling your phone is always with you. We take our phones to work, to nights out, to friends, we even take it to the toilet! Therefore, you need to be strong and possibly uninstall and then re-install your favourite apps as and when you want to gamble. This might seem tedious but if you someone that is more prone to addiction, it might be the only way.

Notifications & Text Messages

One of the problems with our mobiles is the sheer number of notifications we receive. Sometimes, you may just want a break from gambling. However, with text message and app notifications, this can be tricky. Casinos will frequently get in touch with customers to let them know of new deals or potential bonuses available. This is a great way to engage but it also makes quitting harder. Therefore, we recommend you adjust your app settings to minimise notifications. This will help you take longer breaks from casino games.